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JOB TITLE: Mobile Medical Equipment Driver

DEPARTMENT: Clinical Services

SUPERVISOR: Health Center Manager/Dental Manager

Program: EXCELth INC





1. High School Diploma or equivalent preferred

2. Must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

3. Must possess a valid Class A Unexpired, unsuspended Commercial Drivers’ License with good driving record and the ability to drive the Mobile Medical Vehicle to and from events

4. Must pass physical and Drug/Alcohol Screening

5. Prior experience as a Medical Assistant, Medical Attendant, or Front Office Staff a plus (Optional)



Serves as the primary driver of the Mobile Medical Vehicle and assists with the delivery of patient care services and management, and navigation of participants on and off the mobile unit. Assists with preparations and ongoing maintenance of the Mobile Medical Vehicle such as ensuring overall cleanliness before, during, and after visits; performing equipment checks; maintaining inventory supplies; and performing other duties required to support the Mobile Medical Vehicle’s readiness to operate and to accept participant encounters.


1. Requires the ability, competence and confidence to drive the Mobile Medical Vehicle as part of routine job duties.

2. Effectively advocates for quality participant safety and satisfaction as a daily practice

3. Maintain a clean and mechanically-sound vehicle

4. Obey all traffic laws

5. Perform inspections of the vehicle before and after each route/scheduled visit/activity

6. Ensure safety of all patients and staff

7. Responds to emergency situations with independent actions and within scope of practice until professional assistance is available.

8. Assist patients with getting on and off the bus when required

9. Attend monthly staff meetings

10. May load and unload equipment as assigned

11. Maintain fuel levels and P&M schedule

12. Provide Courier Services to independent sites

13. Maintain millage and travel logs and prepares reports

14. Other duties as assigned








1. Minimum of 3 years of tractor/trailer/bus driving experience preferred or must have graduated from an acceptable truck driving training program and have 2 years of driving experience.

2. Must be able to understand and comply with the applicable DOT rules and regulations.

3. Must be able to safely assist patients with or without assistance.

4. Able to demonstrate competency in all applicable areas.

5. Capable of a flexible work schedule, with possibility of very occasional 10-hour days, may include weekend shifts.

6. Must be able to interact with client personnel and health care team members in a responsible, professional and ethical manner.

7. Must be able to function effectively in a team-oriented environment. 8. Must be flexible, reliable and demonstrate sound judgment and initiative.

9. Responsible for the following and adhering to EXCELth’s Quality Standards which includes, but is not limited to: Medical Clearance, immunizations, staff training, CPR, Infection Control, and HIPAA



1. Sits, stands, and walks intermittently throughout the day.

2. Squats or kneels and lifts objects from ground occasionally.

3. Must be able to climb stairs to get in and out of vehicle

4. Full extension of arms above head and in front of body.

5. Frequently lifts weight of up to 10 pounds.

6. Occasionally lifts weights of up to 50 pounds.

7. Occasionally carries objects weighing up to 55 pounds.

8. Must be able to push/pull up to 50 pounds.

9. Must possess good balance.



EXCELth, INC provides an excellent salary and fringe benefits package.


Submit resume to:

EXCELth, Inc.

Human Resources Division

1515 Poydras Street Suite 1070

New Orleans, LA. 70112


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